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Regular Teeth Cleaning Rock Hill SC

In Rock Hill, South Carolina

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Our team helps preserve your smile and protect your teeth!

A critical part of preventative dental care includes regular dental cleanings. While practicing good oral hygiene at home helps protect your teeth, a professional teeth cleaning in Rock Hill SC is how you ensure the health of your teeth aren’t at risk.


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Regular dental cleanings are more than just shiny teeth and looking for cavities. Your oral health and overall well-being depend on routine teeth cleaning in Rock Hill SC. A dental cleaning service can help detect serious issues like periodontal disease, which can be tied to heart disease, stroke, & other health problems. We also offer an oral cancer screening that examines your lips, cheeks, jaws, and mouth to catch any unwanted lesions or bumps.

Our Rock Hill Dentists

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At River District Smiles Dentistry in Rock Hill, SC, our dentists are dedicated to providing the highest quality of dental care. Our experienced team of dentists specializes in preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. We believe that each patient deserves personalized attention and care tailored to their individual needs. We strive to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where our patients feel safe and secure. Our goal is to make sure that your visit with us is as pleasant as possible.

Dentist Rock Hill South Carolina
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Dr. Matthew Hubis

For all of his years as a General Dentist since 2007, Dr. Hubis has prided himself on far exceeding the continuing education requirements for licensure. His studies have taken him to many parts of the United States and a few foreign countries.

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Dr. Emily Hubis

She likes to apply the “southern hospitality” she was raised with to dentistry, and she enjoys interacting with patients and providing quality dental care in a friendly, compassionate, and relaxed environment.

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Routine Teeth Cleaning Rock Hill SC

Professional dental cleaning is more than just a cosmetic procedure. Each individual tooth is cleaned with tools that safely remove plaque and tartar. We then floss, polish, and rinse your mouth to finish up with the teeth cleaning service. If needed, we also offer a fluoride treatment to help further protect your teeth. While teeth polishing and professional cleanings are important, our team goes even further. During your appointment, your dental hygienist will examine for tooth decay, loose teeth, damaged fillings, gum recession, risk of gum disease, and so much more.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning Rock Hill SC

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Having your teeth cleaned on a regular basis is the best way to maintain a healthy smile! We typically suggest scheduling your dental cleaning and examination at least twice a year, unless you are at risk for periodontal disease or something else that may require more frequent treatments. By having a dental cleaning service, it will help detect issues sooner, and allow us to treat these issues with noninvasive methods such as dental fillings. Routine teeth cleaning in Rock Hill, SC can:

  • Prevent gum disease and bad breath
  • Help detect oral cancer
  • Address issues at early stages
  • Keep oral health on track

Our dental team has been serving the Rock Hill community for years and is known for providing excellent oral health care tailored to meet our patients’ needs. Our dental office also provides specialties to service the unique needs of children, seniors, periodontal disease and other conditions that affect the overall oral health of our patients.

Why Choose Us for Teeth Cleaning Rock Hill SC?

At River District Smiles Dentistry, we are dedicated to bringing you top-quality dental care that is as comfortable as possible. We understand that every patient is different, which is why all of our treatment plans are customized to fit every patient’s specific needs. Essentially our teeth cleaning process is painless, but if for some reason you are experiencing pain, let our team know immediately so we can address the issue.

When it comes to teeth cleaning, we are proud of our high-quality services. We offer a variety of dental services that give you the opportunity to maintain your oral health at the same time. The best part about receiving teeth cleaning from us is that we offer affordable prices. Our professionals will work with you to come up with an affordable treatment plan so you can have the smile and confidence you’ve always wanted!

Rock Hill SC’s Emergency Dentistry: Rapid Relief When You Need It Most

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Do You Accept Insurance?

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Yes, our office accepts most major insurance plans and will make sure that we provide you with every piece of information to help maximize your dental plan.

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