Our mouth is home to thousands of natural bacteria. Regular brushing, flossing and dental cleaning can help lessen the bacteria buildup in your mouth. Getting appointments for dental cleaning should be done regularly. Regular dental cleaning should be done at least twice a year. Indeed, teeth cleaning can also be done at home by regular brushing, but deep cleaning is also essential because brushing alone cannot remove plaque and tartar at the surface of your teeth. 

Bacteria in the mouth often cause dental issues like gum diseases and tooth decay. Dental cleaning is not painful. Some people fear dental cleaning because of the strange noise, jaw discomforts and prodding. It is best to know what exactly happens when you get a dental cleaning, this enables you to relax and enjoy the process.

Physical exams are needed before starting the cleaning process. A dental hygienist must check your mouth for signs of gingivitis or other concerns. Removing tartar and plaque is one of the main reasons for dental cleaning. There is a reason why you suffer pain and tooth decay. Scraping sounds during this process is normal. They will remove plaque and tartar in your gum lines and between your teeth. Removing tartar takes a little time, especially if the patient has more in their mouth. Your dentist can only remove Tartar build-up. 

However, regular brushing and flossing will lessen it. So regular brushing of teeth will give your dentist less time to remove tartar from your teeth and gums. 

After removing the tartar, a high-powered electric brush will remove any tartar left. The sound may seem scary for other patients, but this brush gives your teeth a deep clean. Rinsing your mouth is also essential after this process to remove debris. Fluoride treatment is the last treatment in dental cleaning. This gives your teeth protection to fight cavities for several months. 


What are the different types of dental cleaning?

Regular dental cleaning ensures healthy gums and teeth. If we understand the different types of teeth cleaning, we can understand further how we should care for our oral health. Each type of teeth cleaning effectively prevents tooth decay and gum diseases. Patients require different types of procedures for cleaning their teeth. Professional teeth cleaning should be done twice a year. 


The different types of teeth cleaning are as follows. 

Periodontal Maintenance

Some people are diagnosed with gum disease and often receive periodontal maintenance during cleaning. This is given to patients with periodontal disease. This disease mainly affects the gums and other structures around the teeth, including the bones. This disease requires specialized cleaning, and your dentist may require you to visit the clinic every three months if severe. This cleaning procedure helps prevent gingivitis and periodontitis. 


Gross Debridement

Some people live their life without a single visit to the dentist. If you have poor oral habits and still don’t like to go to the dentist, you might have severe plaque buildup that requires full mouth debridement. This procedure involves deep cleaning your entire mouth to remove plaque. This requires the use of tools and anesthetic during cleaning. This is one of the most aggressive ways of cleaning your tooth. 


Scaling and Root Planing 

This type of deep cleaning is non-surgical but more intense than standard cleaning. This is recommended for patients with plaque buildup in the gum line. This involves scraping the teeth using small dental tools to remove tartar below the gum line. 


Prophylaxis Cleaning

This is the most common type of dental cleaning. Prophylaxis cleaning is a regular tooth cleaning standard for people with healthier mouths. This cleaning involves dental examination, flossing and polishing teeth, fluoride treatment, x-rays and brushing. 


This type of teeth cleaning depends on the result of the dental exam. Trusting your doctor regarding suitable cleaning options is always best for oral health. Good oral care is what everyone wishes to have. These dental cleaning procedures may differ, but they have the same goal for a patient: a healthier mouth. 

Why do we need dental cleaning?

Most of us fear drilling, prodding, and poking our teeth, which is why we often neglect to go to the dentist for a regular checkup. Professional health cleaning is not only for making your smile bright; they have a more significant reason why you regularly need it. Plaque occurs naturally in our mouth, but it may cause tooth decay if not cleaned regularly. Tooth decay is why you need a tooth filling, root canal, and even removing your entire tooth. Poor oral health may result in bad health. Study shows that poor oral health results in heart diseases and diabetes. Cleaning makes you remove unnecessary food stains allowing you to smile confidently. Regular teeth cleaning with your dentist helps prevent future problems. Prevention is always better than cure. 

One of the reasons why you need professional tooth cleaning is that brushing and flossing alone cannot remove all the unnecessary stains and dirt in your mouth. Most of them require deep cleaning to have brighter and whiter teeth. Fluoride treatment also helps our teeth to be strong and resistant to cavities. Regular cleaning also prevents you from having gum disease that results in tooth loss. Oral cancer also happens if not detected at an earlier stage. 

Cardiovascular diseases have links with gum problems. Getting your teeth cleaned twice a year can help reduce your chance of getting a heart attack, stroke and other gum problems. Your dentist is an expert in their field, so it is easier for them to detect early signs of broken structures in your gum if you regularly visit them. A regular visit with the dentist helps you solve lousy breath. 

A regular visit to the dentist gives them the chance to compare your previous records and provide necessary interventions if needed. Each visit with your dentist may vary depending on the amount of plaque you have, but a regular visit with your dentist will give you healthier teeth. So, if you are looking for the best dentist to help you achieve healthier teeth, River District Smiles Dentistry offers an affordable but quality service.