Tooth extractionDo you have tooth decay? Do you have dental trauma due to an accident or injury? Do you need oral services to treat your gum and teeth problems? Then, let us be your working partner in this tough time. Here at River District Smiles, our expert team guarantees your treatment needs and comfortability in any of our oral services. If you are looking for tooth extraction services, you’ve come to the right place, as we are providing the latest and modern dental technology and treatments that will suit your needs. 

What is tooth extraction? Tooth extraction is a dental procedure where the decayed tooth is removed from its socket or what we call alveolus. We have two sets of teeth; milk teeth and permanent teeth. The milk teeth are the first set of teeth that grows when we are young. When the milk teeth fall off, that is where the permanent teeth come out. At this time, maintaining the strength and health of your teeth is very important and should not be neglected. That is why treating minor tooth decays in early stages will prevent further damage to your teeth. 

Here are some signs of when you need tooth extractions.

Severe Tooth Decay

When our tooth decay results in a severe case, where the decay becomes irreplaceable and may cause bacterial infection in the center of the tooth, tooth extractions can be done to avoid the infection from spreading out. Tooth decay is caused by tartar and plaque build-ups, which eat away the enamel of the teeth, making them brittle and weaker. This causes intense pain and swelling, which should be treated immediately. With the help of our oral surgeons and professional dentist, we can avoid further or major decay in the surrounding teeth.

Dental Infections

Have you experienced feeling pain in your gums and teeth? Then, there’s a chance of bacterial infection that has been spread in surrounding tissues, including your gums. If you have had severe tooth decay for quite a long time, there’s a strong possibility of bacterial infection. The infection causes severe pain, redness, and swelling in the gums and cheeks. Bacterial Infections should be treated immediately to stop the spread of the infection and prevent further damage to the surrounding tissues. Our expert oral surgeons will determine the kind of dental tooth extractions to lessen the infection and restore your teeth’ integrity. 

Dental Trauma

Have you been involved in a recent accident that caused major damage to your teeth? Vehicular accidents can be the source of dental trauma which creates too much damage that even oral surgeons cannot save anymore. Cases like this result in tooth extractions to prevent the damaged tooth from becoming infected and spread further in the surrounding tissues. Tooth extractions are part of the recovery process to ensure that there won’t be any infection that can cause harm to your body. Let our dentist determine the appropriate treatment for you and plan an immediate schedule. Do not let the severe damage result in a more severe case that requires a procedure like a root canal which is much painful and costly. 

Severe Gum Disease

Periodontal or gum diseases can also be treated through tooth extractions. Like how tooth decay forms, tartar and plaque build-ups are common causes of gum diseases like periodontitis and gingivitis. When our gums show some inflammation, irritation, and pain, there’s a possibility of gingivitis disease. When the inflammation is around the bones and tissues, periodontitis can be the cause of the problem. Getting a tooth extraction is necessary to preserve the surrounding teeth through a dental crown or dental bridge. 

Teeth Crowding

Crowding happens when your mouth is too small and creates an impact on your permanent teeth, making them crooked and overlapped. Tooth extraction on the back of the mouth can be done to give more space to the surrounding teeth. The permanent teeth can spread out, making the alignment fit and well-formed. You won’t be needing braces if this happens.

If you need tooth extractions and other oral services, seek the help of our professional dentist and oral surgeons here at River District Smiles. We have advanced technology to treat any oral problem. If you are looking for a safer and comforting dental procedure to aid your tooth problems, then turn to River District Smiles, the best gentle oral surgeon in Rock Hill, SC. Schedule a dental appointment with our caring dentist and let us restore your beautiful smile. Call us now!