Cosmetic-dentistTeeth Whitening is very famous in the scope of cosmetic dentistry. We all want to brighten our smiles. After all, a smile is like an opening gate for people to approach us. When we smile, people tend to be drawn to us since they perceive (or assume) that we are approachable. This case also goes the other way around. We can easily approach people because a smile can signify that they are accommodating or welcoming.

Most of us sometimes take our smiles for granted but, we don’t realize that it helps us in many ways. For example, in a hotel. What do you first see when you approach the reception desk? How about when we transact in business? Or when we recite in school? All of this starts with a smile. A smile symbolizes happiness, positivity, and sometimes approval.

That is why when our smile loses its brightness, so is our confidence. When it loses its brightness, we do not smile that often. Not out of spite, mind you, but because we become shy. But we do not always know what people think. That is why they sometimes tend to assume that people who don’t smile are formidable or scary.

But with the growth of the world in technology, our dentist is now equipped with the best tools to help us regain the brightness of our smiles! If you are looking for a Rock Hill Dentist, call us today. 



Sad to say, but teeth whitening might not be available to everyone. For the majority of patients, teeth whitening works well, and the results are pretty impressive after the treatment. Unfortunately, some occasions might prevent the patient from having the treatment.

Patients who have dental restorations like crowns, bridges, cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers, or tooth-colored fillings will see that the bleaching agents do not or would not work on all their teeth. Teeth whitening is also not advisable for people with tooth discoloration caused by tooth injury or medications, patients with bruxism (grinding or gnashing of teeth), or temporomandibular joint disorder, such as those with worn enamel and sensitive teeth.

We should also know that teeth whitening is entirely safe when done correctly. Like most things, it also has its side effects, such as temporary gum irritation of the gums, temporary teeth sensitivity in temperature, and so on.

Bearing that in mind, it is really important to consult or seek a dentist’s approval first so that they can assess the status of the teeth before you commence treatment.



There are many reasons the teeth get discolored, but let’s summarize this into Extrinsic Discoloration and Intrinsic Discoloration. Extrinsic Discoloration is contributed by many factors or, shall we say, culprits.

  •         Beverages such as Red wine, coffee, and tea

Natural or manufactured chemicals in coffee or tea can turn the teeth into yellowish or a much darker shade. On the other hand, red wine discolors the teeth by the dark purple colors found in the grapes used for its production.

  •         Cigarettes

Tobacco is guaranteed to stain your teeth because of chemicals such as nicotine that endanger the body’s overall health.

Meanwhile, Intrinsic Discoloration is from within our teeth. Intrinsic Discoloration can be caused by a person’s medication, infection, aging, childhood illness, or tooth trauma.



In teeth whitening, a dentist uses a chemical called peroxide (carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide). This product helps remove the stains in our teeth, whether internal (dentine) or external (enamel), which causes the teeth to brighten or lighten more than their natural shade.



Commonly, dental professionals say teeth whitening lasts up until six months, although the patient can extend the effect by doing simple practices. One of them would be the patients’ self-discipline. We all love to eat; no one argues for that. But, we also have to minimize certain things from what we eat or drink to avoid stains from forming on our teeth’ surface.

Reducing the consumption of coffee (in some people tea or red wine, depending on what you prefer) and foods containing turmeric or tannins, which can also stain the teeth, can help maintain or prolong teeth whitening effects. Additionally, brushing and flossing the teeth with a mix of professional cleaning from a trusted dentist is also agreeable.


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