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Do you live with sleep apnea? Trust River District Smiles Dentistry to help you get a good night’s sleep!

Obstructive sleep apnea, known simply as sleep apnea, is a common sleep disorder/condition that can have dramatic impacts on your quality of life. More than 18 million American adults live with sleep apnea. If you’re one of them, turn to your trusted Rock Hill dentists for comfortable, effective sleep apnea treatment plan. We provide effective sleep medicine and treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.


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Sleep apnea is one of the common sleep disorders that causes your breathing to briefly but repeatedly stop throughout the night. Your breathing can pause for at least ten seconds at a time, up to dozens of times each night. This can disrupt your sleep and lower your blood oxygen levels. The combination of poor sleep and oxygen starvation can lead to:

  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Daytime fatigue and drowsiness
  • Mood swings
  • Memory problems
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What Causes Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the muscles in the back of your throat relax during sleep, causing your airway to narrow or close. When you can’t get enough oxygen, your brain rouses you from sleep to reopen your upper airway. This is why patients experience interrupted sleep as they snort, choke, or gasp for air.

Sleep apnea is a common condition that affects patients of all ages and stages of care. There are several health and lifestyle factors that can increase your risk of developing sleep apnea, such as:

  • Having a small or narrow airway
  • Being overweight
  • Recessed chin, small jaw, or a large overbite
  • Having a thick neck
  • Smoking and alcohol use
  • Family history
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress and anxiety

While sleep apnea can affect adults and children of all ages, it is most prevalent in adult men aged 40 and older.

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What are the Symptoms of Sleep Apnea?

Chronic loud snoring and daytime fatigue are common indicators of sleep apnea. However, sleep apnea presents with other serious symptoms that require an evaluation from a trained professional. These symptoms can include:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Can’t fall asleep
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Dry mouth when waking
  • Depression

Diagnosing and Treating Sleep Disorders

Sleep disturbance is associated in some cases with heart disease or pulmonary disease, as well as with other health conditions that require treatment. Sleep issues require diagnostic tests, blood tests (if necessary), and other medical testing.

Your physician will assess your health through a physical exam and discuss any relevant medical history. Depending on the situation, they might do certain tests like:

  • Polysomnography (PSG): This sleep lab study looks at your oxygen levels, body movements and brainwaves to see if they impact how you sleep. The home sleep test (HST) is done in your own house and helps determine if you’re suffering from a condition like sleep apnea.
  • Electroencephalogram (EEG): This test measures brain activity to determine if there are any problems. It’s part of a polysomnography which makes it even more important.
  • Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT): This research or sleep study involving daytime naps is used together with a Polysomnography, done at night, to determine whether someone has narcolepsy.

Doing tests can be really helpful in figuring out the best course of action to take for sleep disorders.

How is Sleep Apnea Treated?

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Effective treatment for snoring and sleep apnea depends on an accurate diagnosis. Our local dentists can recommend specialized oral appliances to treat your condition and help you get a full night’s rest. A comfortable, properly-fitted oral appliance can reposition your jaw and reopen your airway, allowing you to breathe easier.

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Are you a candidate for sleep apnea treatment? Schedule a consultation with our team to learn how we can help you get the rest you need to enjoy a good night’s sleep!

Medical Treatments

Treating sleep apnea might include:

  • Taking sleeping pills
  • Getting melatonin supplements
  • Using allergy or cold medicines
  • Medication for any medical issues
  • Utilizing a breathing device or surgery (usually for sleep apnea)

Changes in Lifestyle

Making positive changes to your lifestyle could significantly improve your sleeping habits, in tandem with any prescribed meds.

Adding veggies and fish to your meals and cutting down on sugar is always a good idea. Exercising and stretching can help reduce anxiety and stress, which are also recommended. And remember – don’t drink too much water before bed! Establishing a consistent sleep pattern is also important.

Also, you have to cut down on caffeine, especially in the late afternoon/evening. Before hitting the sack, eat small meals with lesser carbs. Keep your weight healthy according to what your doc says!

Do You Accept Walk-ins and Same-Day Appointments?

At River District Smiles Dentistry, we welcome walk-ins. Our team makes sure to see our patients as promptly as possible. If you’ve experienced a dental injury, we also offer emergency appointments as scheduling permits. For gentle same-day care, call or visit your trusted local dentist in Rock Hill SC today!

Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes, our office accepts most major insurance plans and will make sure that we provide you with every piece of information to help maximize your dental plan.


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