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Comprehensive Dental Care for a Brighter, Healthier Smile


At River District Smiles Dentistry in Tega Cay, South Carolina, you can take advantage of exceptional dental treatments provided by our skilled team. We are committed to providing comprehensive care that will improve your oral health and give you the self-assured, bright smile you deserve.

We understand the importance of community and strive to contribute to the well-being of Tega Cay’s residents. Our dental practice is committed to providing exceptional oral care services tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals and families in the area. 

From routine check-ups and cleanings to advanced treatments like cosmetic dentistry and dental implants, we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure optimal oral health for our patients.

We take a patient-centered approach, focusing on personalized care and building long-lasting relationships. Our skilled team of dental professionals utilizes the latest techniques and technology to deliver comfortable and effective treatments, all while prioritizing patient comfort and satisfaction.


River District Smiles Dentistry About Us

Discovering The Vibrant City of Tega Cay, SC


Nestled in the heart of South Carolina, Tega Cay is a picturesque city renowned for its natural beauty, welcoming community, and engaging events. As residents and dedicated dental professionals at River District Smiles Dentistry, we take pride in serving the oral health needs of the people of Tega Cay.

Located along the shores of Lake Wylie, Tega Cay offers breathtaking views and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. Residents and visitors can indulge in activities such as boating, fishing, and hiking, immersing themselves in the serene beauty of this waterfront haven. The city’s well-maintained parks, including Runde Park and Windjammer Park, provide a perfect backdrop for family outings and community gatherings.

Tega Cay is also known for its vibrant social scene, with various annual events that bring the community together. The Tega Cay 4th of July Celebration is a highlight, featuring a grand fireworks display and a parade, fostering a sense of patriotism and unity. The Tega Cay Fall Festival, complete with live music, delicious food, and engaging activities, is another cherished tradition that showcases the city’s warm spirit and strong community bonds.

Whether you’re a long-time resident of Tega Cay or a newcomer to the area, River District Smiles Dentistry is here to cater to your dental needs. We are dedicated to being an integral part of this wonderful community, promoting oral health and contributing to the smiles of Tega Cay’s residents. 

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Top-Notch Dentists For Tooth Fillings


At River District Smiles Dentistry, we offer high-quality toothSleep Apnea Mouth Guard fillings that effectively restore and strengthen your teeth. Our experienced dental professionals utilize state-of-the-art techniques and materials to provide durable and aesthetically pleasing fillings. 

Whether you have a cavity or need to replace an old filling, we are here to help. Our tooth filling services include: 

  • Composite fillings
  • Amalgam fillings
  • Porcelain fillings
  • Gold fillings
  • Ceramic fillings


Composite Fillings


Show off your beautiful smile without worrying about anyone noticing the dental work. With composite fillings, you can get a natural-looking restoration that doesn’t compromise on functionality or durability.

Schedule an appointment now and get composite fillings to restore your teeth’s natural beauty!


Amalgam Fillings


You want a dental filling that is durable, safe, and cost-effective. Amalgam fillings are a great choice because they are long-lasting, easy to apply, and won’t break the bank. Plus, they come in a variety of shades to match your tooth color.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable dental filling option, book an appointment with us today to discuss whether amalgam fillings are right for you!


Porcelain Fillings


You deserve to have a beautiful, healthy smile that looks and feels great. With porcelain fillings, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dental issues are taken care of while still maintaining your stunning smile.

Get in touch with us today and take the first step towards a brighter, more confident smile with porcelain fillings!


Gold Fillings


Imagine having a dazzling smile that catches everyone’s attention. With our gold fillings, you can achieve just that. Not only do they look great, but they also offer superior durability and strength. They’re perfect for individuals who want to maintain their oral health while looking stylish.

Transform your smile with our gold fillings!


Ceramic Fillings


Tired of getting dental fillings that look unnatural?

With ceramic fillings, you can enjoy a more natural-looking smile without compromising on durability or functionality. Plus, they are free from any harmful materials like mercury or other metals commonly found in traditional dental fillings.

Upgrade your dental filling experience today and choose ceramic fillings for a healthier, more beautiful smile.


Trust Us for Exceptional Dental Fillings in Tega Cay, SC


Our dental professionals will carefully evaluate your oral health and discuss the most suitable tooth filling option for your specific needs. We are committed to ensuring your comfort during the procedure and delivering results that not only restore the function of your teeth but also enhance the beauty of your smile.

Trust River District Smiles Dentistry for exceptional tooth filling services that prioritize your dental health and overall satisfaction.


Other Dental Services We Offer


Discover the Unique Qualities of River District Smiles Dentistry


At River District Smiles Dentistry, we pride ourselves on our team that exudes to be our best. These qualities set us apart and make us the top choice for all your dental needs:

  • Expert Dental Professionals
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Comprehensive Range of Services
  • Patient-Centered Approach


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